9 Little Known Ways To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate: Beginners Guide “ She Tried That [2021]

Imagine that you could start a blog. Get affiliate marketing training, hosting, and many more benefits.

How great would it be if you could make money while learning?

Within a few scrolls, you’ll learn 9 little known ways that you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliates?

If you would like to start a blog but money is tight, Wealthy Affiliate could be an option.

One of the key features that this company offers is different ways for its members to earn income. Therefore, you’ll be able to get started on a shoestring budget and run an affiliate blog.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member you can earn affiliate credits or get paid cash.

3 Ways To Earn Affiliate Credits

If money is a problem, no worries!

You can earn affiliate credits in 3 ways within this community.

In fact, I’ve listed them below.

  • Cash Credits
  • Community Credits
  • Transfer Credits

Pretty cool, huh!

9 Ways To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

#1. Earn Money When Your Referral Sets Up Their Profile

Therefore, you want to share this wonderful opportunity with other people.

So, you start to share your affiliate link all over the place. Someone decides to join and check the place out.

After that person joins, they are considered your referral because it was you who invited them.

Here’s the cool part!

When your referral takes a moment to set up their Wealthy Affiliate profile by adding an image and a description, you’ll earn $1.00 in affiliate credits which can be cashed out once you reach a minimum balance.

#2. Create Community Training And Gain Financial Incentive

The idea of allowing the community member to create training is to share your knowledge with the community members, with the intent of helping others out. Plus, to be compensated for your hard work.

4 ways that your training can be a success is to follow the rules below;

  • The # of views your training receives
  • Is it receiving comments and feedback
  • The # of likes and engagement that the training receives
  • How Much people like the training

#3. Wealthy Affiliate Has An Affiliate Program

If you were to refer a premium member to Wealthy Affiliate you could earn recurring monthly commissions of $23.50 or $235/with a premium yearly plan.

On the other hand, if you were to refer to a premium plus member. You could earn up to $46.50 recurring monthly or an $465.00 yearly recurring commission.

#4. — Jaaxy Affiliate Program

The good news is as a Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll get access to a keyword tool called Jaaxy. It’s included in your membership fee.

Either way, Jaaxy has an affiliate program, where you have the potential to earn money as well.

If a member within Wealthy Affiliate or outside of Wealthy Affiliate signs up using your affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission. There’s two levels that you can get paid on with Jaaxy.

As easy as certified commenter sounds, it’s not!

But, if you’re serious enough it can be done!

If you become a certified commenter you can earn community credits.

First, you have to comment on 50 member websites before earning cash or credits is even possible.

After you’ve accomplished that.

Then you’ll become eligible to earn cash + credits.

Comment on two members websites and you’ll earn $1.00, the third member you’ll earn 1 credit.

Repeat the process within a 30 day time frame and you’re eligible to cash out directly to your PayPal account.

In addition to that you must have an 80% approval rate and 20% or lower skip rate. Meaning, 80% of your comments must be approved by the website owner.

If you choose not to comment on a particular post you don’t have to, but make sure your skip rate doesn’t go over 20%.

#6. — Earn 1 Credit By Giving Two Members Site Feedback

Therefore, not only can you ask members to review your website, you can review other members’ websites and provide your personal and professional opinion.

By participating in site feedback, you’ll earn community credits.

#7. — Send A Wealthy Affiliate Member Credits

Many members that join Wealthy Affiliate are also on a budget.

Hence, it’s the reason why you can earn in different ways.

Needless to say, Wealthy Affiliates main goal is to ensure you can remain a member, and I really respect them for that.

Either way, you can transfer a fellow member credits.

They can use those credits towards Site Feedback, Site Domains, or membership dues. In fact, they can cash the credits out as well.

#8. Start A Niche Blog

You’ll learn in a step by step fashion, how to launch a blog, and make money with it.

#9 — Leverage The Wealthy Affiliate’s Blogging Platform

Here’s how it works. You write an article within the Wealthy Affiliate training platform, almost like you would with medium or Quora.

Not only can Wealthy Affiliate members read your article but, people on the outside of the community can read your article as well.

If someone on the outside of Wealthy Affiliate clicks on your article.

Then decides to join Wealthy Affiliate that person will be considered your referral. Which means if he or she becomes a paid member, you earn commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Final Thoughts Of Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Not only does Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to launch a niche website and make money with any topic but, they help their members remain members by giving them more earning potential.

They provide web hosting and many other tools with your membership.

I’ve been a member for 3 years now, and each year Wealthy Affiliate improves and adds more features to the community.

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